A Little Fluff

When bad days cluster together, I find myself in search of fluff during the free minutes I have. Fluff can take lots of different forms. Cake is one type of fluff. Rhubarb Buckle with Ginger Crumb has really stolen my heart this week.


It comes from Rustic Fruit Desserts by Cory Schreiber and Julie Richardson. Richardson has also written the other book pictured here, Vintage Cakes. I have been enjoying these two little books immensely. The jam cake from Vintage Cakes was really well received by my ladies craft group (sorry, no picture. It’s been busy.) and the blueberry cake I made awhile back is also from this book. Now that fruit is starting to come back in season, I will probably be trying out more recipes from Rustic Fruit Desserts, and if they are all as yummy as the rhubarb cake, I will be very happy.


I’ve also been doing a little bit of easy knitting that goes by quickly. These mitts should be done today. It will be nice to cross something off of my list and I’ll be just in time, too, since I am expecting a squishy yarn package or two in the next couple of days.


Even my reading gets lighter. I had been working on Les Miserables and some other various classics and even a history book, but this week, all my reading time was devoted to a fluffy book called Needles and Pearls. It’s one of those girly books loosely based around someone who owns a knitting shop. While not particularly great writing or even a great story, it was easy on the brain and calming in the sense that it did not raise any heightened emotions. Just what I needed this week. Sometimes, real life is stressful enough and I don’t need more stress in my reading or crafting or baking.

What about you? How do you change your routines when life get stressful?

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  1. Only one problem – edible fluff leads to hip and tummy fluff (for me at least.) I really wish I were one of those people who could go for a run and feel relaxed afterwards. Having said that, i usually feel pretty good after a bike ride, especially if there’s a downhill stretch where you feel like you’re flying. Hope the mood improvers have worked their magic for you.

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