Daily Archives: May 30, 2013

Totally Random

The end of the school year is coming nearer, and things are quite busy here with last picnics and recitals and such. It’s hard for me to keep track of where I am going next, much less string together enough coherent thoughts to make a blog post. So, here, I present some random things that have been on my mind to share, but I have not enough brain function to expand upon now.

1. I finished my pink flowery socks over the weekend and it was actually cool enough that I could wear them comfortably. Of course, I cannot say that about this coming weekend, which is supposed to be over 20 degrees warmer than last weekend. I love them. They are really comfy. More details are on my Rav page.


2. I gave the husband his father’s day gift a month early, and boy, am I glad!


This add-on rotisserie thingy for our grill made our Memorial Day celebration very, very tasty and easy, too.


I’m already dreaming about legs of lamb and ribs and whatever else can be skewered and roasted. This is looking like it will be a yummy summer.

3. I am back to reading some classics and have just finished up Far From the Madding Crowd by Thomas Hardy. Meh. I had mixed feelings while reading this. It was good writing and the scenes of idyllic English farm life were restful and lovely, but some of the main characters were beyond annoying. Also, I think Hardy comes across as really sexist, which, I suppose is not too surprising given the time in which it was written, but it bordered on the offensive to me. So, this book will not go on my list of must reads, but I think a lot of interesting and controversial papers could be written about it, haha! There I go exposing my English major tendencies.

4. While I am on the subject of classic stories, I’m also in the middle of watching the newish Masterpiece version of Wuthering Heights. It is interesting to me how I am responding to these stories in a different way than when I first encountered them years ago. Catherine and Heathcliff seemed beyond romantic to me when I was young. Now, they just drive me crazy. Can’t they all just relax and get along? Love just doesn’t act that way, but I guess true love doesn’t really make an entertaining story. Why am I torturing myself with this? I don’t really know. It’s just something to watch while I’m knitting.

5. Speaking of knitting, I am almost done with my silky sweater and I am on the verge of casting on many projects this weekend. In fact, I spent a little while last night winding lots of yarn. More on these to come later. I’ve got another picnic to go to in a little while. This will be the 5th picnic in 8 days and, I think, the last. Hallelujah!