Pent up Energy

Today, I woke with the urge to get some things done that I have been putting off for a little while. Berry season has finally arrived (a few weeks late) and I found myself with quite a built up bounty from sales at the store and a gift of a friend’s CSA share for the week. At 9:30 this morning, my kitchen counter looked like this.


Now, it looks like this.


Blueberry-raspberry jam, Strawberry-rhubarb jam with Grand Marnier, and a Bluberry-nectarine pie. Not bad for one morning’s work, huh? Have I mentioned how much I love freshly made jam? Warm jam on top of peanut butter on top of homemade white bread=heaven!


Similarly, my dining room table which would normally be strewn with school books and papers, looks like this.


I’ve got a backlog of new knitting projects that are just waiting be cast on. There’s lots of swatching, stash diving, and yarn winding going on. Stay tuned, I’ve got some big plans for the summer.


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  1. Cindy Watson

    You are amazing!

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