Project Merry-Go-Round

Ok, last week, I spent a lot of time winding yarn, doing swatches, and digging through yarn and patterns. As a result, I have several new projects on the needles that I am sort of rotating through right now. Usually, when I have a big cast on party like this, one of these projects will capture my interest more than the others. So far, though, nothing has jumped out at me.

1. If anything will get finished first, it will be these Sign of Four socks. They are the oldest project of this active bunch (there are, of course, more that are hibernating) and I am a little anxious to be done with them, mostly because I am tired of them. This is no criticism of the pattern, I almost always get tired of a sock pattern after the first one–it’s something to do with doing the same thing all over again.


2. The other sock project I have on the needles is Shur’tugal. This is my Camp Loopy project, so I will have to be done with them by the end of June. One sock is done and the second sock has its cuff.


3. Well, I told myself that I would not cast on another shawl (since I already have two in the works), but I just could not resist the Moon & Stars pattern. The fact that i got the perfect yarn for it in a swap package just sealed its cast on fate. So far, this is a different knitting experience because it uses two different sized knitting needles on alternate rows.


4. New sweater #1 is Blumchen. This is a sort of sister sweater to the Sprossling that I finished back in February. My plan is to try to have all the pieces of this sweater done in time for a finishing class that I am taking in October. Here, I have started the first sleeve.


5. Sweater #2 is Shadow. This is the beginning of the back. It promises to be the quickest sweater project of the bunch since it is using the thickest yarn.


6. The India Print Henley is new Sweater #3. This one is knit from the top down and the first few rows gave me such fits that I had to rechart the pattern for the front pieces. It’s all better now and I hope it will be pretty smooth sailing from now on.


I may or may not have started one or two other projects that I am not showing here today. Those are not currently in my regular rotation, but may make the lineup when one or two other things finish up. This may seem a lot to you, but for me, it’s just a way of figuring out what I feel like knitting next, a step in the process of inspiration, if you will. There are just so many things that I want to knit that I sometimes have trouble deciding, and even if I make a decision, I am apt to change my mind and lose interest. Starting a whole slew of things around the same time can sometimes help me hone in on what I really want to do. Or it could just drive me crazy. Only time will tell.


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  1. What beautiful work you do!!! Every time I think I am done knitting for the season…I see something like this!!!

  2. Wow! All beautiful projects. I’m beginning to get ready to dig out some UFOs at this point 🙂

  3. I like having several projects on the go at once. I am a girl who like options to suit my moods!

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