Better with a Deadline

A couple of weeks ago, I started a whole slew of new projects, four sweaters, a shawl, and some socks. Predictably, progress has been incremental on all of these. It turns out that one hour a week per project does not produce much in the way of visible results. However, I did manage to finish those socks for father’s day, and this week, I finished another pair of socks for Camp Loopy.


It turns out that I get more things done if I have a deadline. However, I do not like having a set schedule. I prefer to have a to do list to get through and the flexibility to work on things as the spirit leads, instead of tying myself down to working on X project on Monday from 10-11 and then Y project from 11-12. If I have a deadline, I tend to make that project a priority, but that in no way means that I work on it exclusively. I must have variety in order to stave off boredom, which is why I loved knitting these socks.


There is just enough variety in the pattern to make the pattern interesting, but the pattern repeat was simple enough to memorize after a few inches. The yarn was a treat to knit with, Skein Top Draw sock yarn in the color Kaffir Lime. So far, the Skein yarns I have used have been wonderful. They are dyed in such a way that prevents pooling (that unfortunate thing that happens when colors line up unattractively), but still provides a lot of color interest without being busy.


Here’s one project that seemed to bore me to tears at times, but is finally done this week as well. My notes tell me that I cast this project on in March of 2012. 15 months later, it is finally done. For some reason, I had a lot of trouble learning the pattern repeat on this one, so I was always counting stitches and getting irritated. Also, I did not love the yarn. It’s wooly, which is not a bad thing, but it was kind of a sticky wooliness that I found hard on my hands and the texture made it difficult for me to get into any kind of rhythm with this project.


Also, I did not like the collar as written in the pattern, so I made up my own thing, which I like better. It looks kind of funny in the photo above, but folds down nicely. Now, I just need to find some buttons for it. That might take awhile, because I have no real deadline for this sweater. So, you see, without a deadline, a sweater can take me a looooong time to knit.


Next month, I will be attempting to knit a sweater in one month for my Camp Loopy project. I hope I can do it. What about you? Do you work well with a deadline?


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