Gone, All Gone

Oh, hi! Remember me? I used to be a very faithful Tuesdays with Dorie participant. June just about did me in with all its end of school year activities coupled with some other issues that took up most of my mental energy. So, I did not make the Savarin or the Savory Tomato Galettes. But, I am happy to say that I am back today with the Baked Yogurt Tart. Yay!


Now, this is a recipe I have made before, though it has been several years since the last time. We have always loved it and this time was no different.


As I told everyone who tried it last night at my ladies craft group, the hardest part of the recipe is making the pie crust. If you have a favorite recipe for pie crust, by all means, use it. I even think this tart would be good with a graham cracker crust and I certainly would not snub my nose at a piece of this tart made with a pre-prepared crust. The star of the dish is not the crust. The crust is just the container.


The real star of the show is the filling. It’s like cheesecake, but not as heavy or tangy. It is heavily flavored with vanilla and the fresh berries cook a little, but not enough to lose their structure. Since I only ever buy greek yogurt nowadays, that’s what I used, and I did think it was a little denser than I remember from the past, so I may cut back on the flour next time. The great thing is, since it uses nonfat yogurt, you can really, honestly say, when you are serving it, that it is healthy.


I would show you a picture of a slice, but it’s all gone. I didn’t take a picture last night when I served it, and the boys and I finished it off for breakfast this morning. Ah well, you’ll just have to make your own to see for yourself.

You can find the recipe here.

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  1. All gone is good!

    We used Greek yogurt as well and I think I liked it better that way than I would have with traditional non-fat yogurt.

  2. I will have to try Greek yogurt next time I make this. I did enjoy it…it sounds like it was a hit in your house!

  3. So good to have you back! I used Greek yogurt, too. Should have told the family it was fair game for breakfast 🙂

  4. What a pretty tart. Love the red and blue. Glad you made it back to baking. This is a great tart. I loved that it was like cheesecake, just without the cheesy taste! I think this is going to be a recipe that I pull out when I want something special (and easy).

  5. Welcome back lovely! Argh, I definitely understand about life running away with all of your time! I face a similar situation every day, which is why I’ve been holding off joining any recipe clubs or exchanges for now. I still question whether I should do it as a motivator to get back in the kitchen. Hm!! Hard life questions! Anyway, your tart looks incredible. Yum… love the sound of the filling. Thanks for this gorgeous post xx

  6. Beautiful tart, love the berries and nuts on top!

  7. Your tart is beautiful. It would make a great red, white, and blue dessert for July 4.

  8. What a very pretty presentation of your Yogurt Tart – I like your choice of fresh seasonal berries for the filling – so glad that this was quite a success at your house – I think this is a nice recipe to showcase the best of the season´s berries and fruits and we enjoyed it too – especially the kids!
    So nice to see that you are back!
    Have a wonderful Wednesday!

  9. Looks great with all those berries! Good to know about Greek vs regular yogurt…I’m going to note in my book to reduce the flour when using Greek next time.

  10. That looks really tasty. I would use fresh raspberries from my garden but the children have been eating them up.

  11. Love all the different berries!

  12. Your tart looks fabulous. Very patriotic looking! I too went the Greek yogurt route. I always have it on hand. I want to make this again to see what I can do to up the flavor quotient in the filling.

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