Pulled Pork to Feed a Crowd

Every summer in recent memory, we have been making pulled pork. It’s a relatively simple thing to do and it makes enough to feed at least 30 people for one meal or a family of four for 6-8 meals or a vacation house full of framily for 2-3 meals.

It can be cooked the day before a party, or weeks before a vacation and frozen. This week, we made it, even though we had no party or framily vacation coming up because it just didn’t seem like summer without pulled pork.

We froze some, ate some right away, and gave some away.

The recipe is so simple, it’s hardly wirth writing it out, so how about I just give it to you in pictures?

First, get a large piece of bone-in pork butt or shoulder. Ours was the biggest one at the store at 10 pounds. Rub it all over with your favorite meat rub. We use a recipe by Emeril Lagasse called Rustic Rub, recipe can be found here. The amount is up to you. For our hunk-o-pork, we probably used a generous half cup.


Second, get your grill ready. Light up your coals in a chimney starter and let them get all grey and ashy. Then, dump them all on one side of your grill. If you have a gas grill, I don’t know how to advise you. Maybe light one set of burners and not the other? Place your hunk-o-pork on the side with no coals. Put the lid on with the vents over the meat.


Roast for about an hour. Then turn the hunk.


Roast for another hour. At this point, you can either keep turning the meat every hour until the coals burn out or, if, like us, you waited until after sunset when it was cooler to light up the grill, it will probably be dark now, and you’ll want to finish the pork in the oven. If you keep grilling, just do it for one or two more hours or you might dry it out too much. Take your hunk off the grill and put it in the largest pot you have that will fit in the oven, preferably a dutch oven.


Cover the pot with foil and a lid. Then, put it into a 200 degree oven for 6-8 hours, or overnight, if you’ve started late.

In the morning, turn the oven off, remove the pot and let it cool for awhile until you can handle it comfortably. This will be at least an hour or two. I waited several hours until it was room temperature, but only because I had to go off to VBS for the morning. Take out all of the meat and pile it into a big bowl, leaving the bones and juice behind.


With your hands, shred the meat and mix it up well with at least a cup of juice/drippings from the pot until your are satisfied with the texture. It should not be wet, but should be moist. At this point, we divided out our portions to freeze and eat.


When you are ready to eat, toast some buns, heat up the meat (we just use the microwave, nothing fancy here), pile it on a bun, add your favorite bbq sauce or not, and top with coleslaw or, new for us this time, a yummy shredded veggie pickle. Eat over a disposable plate if your dishwasher is broken or if you just want to. It’s summer on a plate.

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  1. O.M.G! that looks A-MA-ZING!

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