Staycation, Part 2

Yes, I have declared this week another week of staycation. Unlike that first staycation week, though, the dishwasher is now fixed, thanks to the husband’s super handy skills. It only took so long because he had to order a part. So, this staycation week will most likely have a bit more cooking involved than the last one, but there is a slight difference; the boys are gone in the mornings this week at a friend’s VBS and I am home.


It’s funny, you know, growing up as an only child, I have a high need for alone time, but I don’t get much of it, so when I get it, it’s like having a long drink of water after being thirsty for a looooong time. Yesterday, I went for a walk by myself. It was just me and my thoughts walking loops through the air-conditioned mall (we are having a crazy heat wave–no way am I walking outside), and I could actually shop without wondering if one of the boys was going to break something. I actually bought some things!


Today, after sending them off in my pajamas, I sat and worked on this month’s quilt blocks, and picked out some fabrics for more project bags to make.


Then, I went for another walk in the mall and had lunch with a friend. I do have some things that I am planning to do other than go for walks in the mall this week. There will definitely be some bread baking and a cooking project that I have been itching to do for at least a year now. And, I hope there will be more sewing and knitting. Mostly, though, I am looking forward to just enjoying the silence, even if it’s just for a short little while.


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