Words are Not Enough

We’re back from our epic adventure out West! In three weeks, we drove over 3000 miles, visited three national parks, hiked over 50 miles, and went from sea level to over 14,000 feet in elevation and back.

It was an incredible trip with amazing views.


They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, but I think that’s an understatement. Really, no picture can accurately depict the grandeur, the colors, and the feeling of being right there, among the mountains and trees and streams.


The pictures don’t tell you how the world sounds when you are on top of a mountain. Everything is sorta quieter. Sound doesn’t bounce around as much. It just goes out and doesn’t come back and this means that, even if there are a lot of people with you, it doesn’t sound like there are a lot of people with you. Strange.


The color of the water is not the same in the pictures either, though you can really tell how clear the water is, but you can’t know that that water is so cold you could barely stand to touch it for more than a few seconds. We couldn’t get over the different colors of the glacial lakes that we saw in Glacier NP and the remarkable colors of hot springs down in Yellowstone.


Also, even though I took lots of wildlife pictures, they all look kinda boring to me now compared to the actual experience of seeing mountain goats cross the path right in front of me or coming across a grizzly bear while driving back to our cabin from Lamar Valley or the thrill of seeing my first real live moose after hoping to see one for over 15 years!


This was the longest vacation we have ever taken, but strangely, none of use were ever really homesick. That, I think, was a bit of a surprise for me. Sure, I missed my bed on more than one cold night and I was happy to see my kitchen again when we got home, but I realized on this trip that what makes a home is my family and as long as we were together, I don’t think I would ever get homesick.


What I do miss, now that I am back, are those beautiful mountains, especially the ones in Glacier. That place stole my heart with its stunning beauty, clear, clean air (my allergies and asthma completely disappeared there), and wonderfully wild wildlife. Every time we turned a corner, whether hiking or driving, there was an incredible view. I don’t think I would ever get tired of that. I am glad I have the pictures as a remider of what we saw, but nothing will ever be as good as the memory I have of actually being there.

p.s. All but one of the photos above are from Glacier. Can you guess which one is not?


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  1. One sure looks like the Yellowstone River to me.

  2. I have also just got back from a big trip and am really grateful for the new perspectives that have come from being away. Like you I was reminded of how loved ones are everything, but I also got to thinking about how watching TV robs me of time to do other things. It’s now day 2 of no TV. Wonder how long I’ll last. Did you decide to make any changes while you were away?

  3. Great pictures! The scenery is stunning!! Hmmm, maybe the clean air would do me good?!

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