Stuck in Summer

Last week, we started school. Our first day of school looked like this.


Those smiles lasted for most of last week. One of them faded on Friday.

Still, it’s a new week and still a fairly new school year. We’re just getting past the introductory reviewish-type things and beginning to get into the meat of some subjects. All of our sports activities have begun, and other lessons and extracurricular activities are just getting ramped up. Despite all of this, it still feels like it should be summer.

Partly, it’s the weather.

But, it may also be that we went peach picking and still have a heap of peaches to devour.

Peaches are a definitely a summertime fruit, and as long as we have peaches, it will be still summer in this house. I’ve made a lovely Johnnycake cobbler from Baking with Julia. This is one of the recipes I missed with Tuesdays with Dorie while we were on vacation.


Just ignore the fact that it is getting too dim to take really good pictures after dinner. That cobbler just screams summer, no matter the lighting situation. It was delicious warm from the oven, but could have used more fruit underneath.


I also tried doing some little baked peaches with an almond crust from Ripe by Nigel Slater. Don’t be fooled by its humble appearance, we loved these and they were super simple to make. You can find one version here. I added some crystallized ginger to the almond mixture, which added a nice kick.


Oh, I almost forgot, I also made a few of my peach crumb buns. Summer is not summer without these in our house. One of these days, I’ll get around to writing up a recipe for these. Um, maybe next year.


I still have a few peaches left. Some of these are destined to be bourbon peach butter to help us remember summer in the middle of winter because, despite the weather forecast of 90 degrees for this week, I know that autumn will be here soon. However, while there are ripe peaches in the house, it will still be summer here.


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  1. Your peach crumb buns look amazing! I cannot wait for you to post the recipe – wow, a whole year… Good things come to those who wait – so they say. šŸ˜‰

  2. i have two questions: 1. where did you go to pick these and do they charge by the weight of what you pick or by some other means? 2. what’s your best recommendation for apple picking places??

  3. Oh, I am so going to miss summer peaches.

    Great desserts!

  4. I want peach desserts now!

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