Getting in the Groove

Well, there’s not much crafting going on around here lately. What with getting ourselves re-organized after vacation and then organizing ourselves for the new school year, there has not been a whole lot of extra time for knitting. Combine this with me just bouncing back and forth between all my unfinished projects instead of working steadily on a single one, I have very little progress to show for the last few weeks.

Except this.


It doesn’t look like much, but it is a finished Twig and Leaf shawl. It’s just not blocked yet. Lace usually looks all wrinkled up like this before it is blocked. The only reason why this one is done is because I had done all the lace before we left on vacation and only had the garter stitch middle to do when we returned. This made it pretty easy to knit on during the few minutes I had during the day or while watching mystery shows at night. Hopefully, I can get this blocked in the next few days, and then I will have something pretty to show you.

Yesterday, I played with yarn a little.


I woke up on Tuesday morning dreaming about color combinations for this sweater. Yes. I was dreaming about knitting, don’t you? Well, as any creative person should do, I took it as a sign that this sweater needs to happen. So, I dragged out my stash of fingering yarn and took a good look. Mostly, my goal was to use single skeins of fingering yarn that was in my stash that I knew would not make for sturdy socks. The only exception is that giant wheel of gray heather fingering that is probably enough for at least 10 pairs of socks or at least a few sweaters.


I like the way my swatch looks so far. The light blue yarn is Swans Island Organic Merino and the pink is a skein of Rio de la Plata yarn that I picked up years ago on a trip to California. I think they look good together. What do you think?


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  1. Looking great so far!!!. Isn’t it amazing that you can look at yarn and think of it as so lovely? You have inspired me to pick up my needles!!!

  2. Love it! This will be another great sweater!

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