Back to School Cookies

We love cookies any time of the year, but when a new school year starts, cookies start to become more important than the lovely berry and fruit cakes of the summer. Cookies are nice and portable. You can eat them with one hand while doing homework with the other. They keep for several days either already baked in an airtight container or not yet baked in the freezer.

For us, when September rolls around, we begin planning and thinking about our upcoming cookie dough fund-raiser. We are always looking to change our list a little bit so that our friends have something new to try if they want to do so. What this means is that I usually scour all my cookbooks for cookie recipes I haven’t tried yet and then make lots of all kinds of cookies for a few days. Needless to say, not all of them make the cut.

A cookie that makes it onto our short list has to meet a myriad of requirements:

1. It must be tasty, even after a couple of days.


I made these Anzac cookies on Friday and they were tasty. I loved them. But, on Saturday, they had dried out a bit and were too chewy. It was a workout to eat half a cookie. These won’t make the list, but I will make them again for myself, maybe.

2. It must taste just as good, if not better, after the dough has been frozen and then baked.


Most cookies are like this, but I find that some doughs bake up a little brickish after being frozen. In other words, they don’t spread as much as I would like. Slice and bake cookies are always great, though.

3. The cookie has got to fit into our lineup in a unique way. We wouldn’t want three versions of a chocolate chip cookie, right? That would be boring.


So, I tried out a couple of new chocolate chip recipes because, even though we have a giant version on the list, I thought a regular sized cookie might be a good seller. I made one with coconut and almonds and another with chocolate chunks (instead of chips) and walnuts. Neither one really wowed us, so I may just have to keep hunting there.

4. The cookie must have the kid seal of approval.


I was sure these Trail Mix Cookies would be popular with the kids because of the m&ms, but they were not. I think they must have sniffed the whole wheat flour and stayed clear of anything that looked like it would be remotely healthy. Kids are funny. The 50 or so kids I tried this mix of cookies on over the weekend tended to prefer the plainer cookies.

5. They must be good looking. A cookie doesn’t have to look good to taste good, but if you were going to buy a cookie, wouldn’t you want it to look good?


Here’s the only cookie out of the last half dozen or so recipes that I have tried that has met all of the above criteria. Meet Hazelnut Chewies. These are made with Nutella and chopped hazelnuts and have an appealing powdered sugar coating. They are tasty, they bake up well, they look great, kids love them, and they will be replacing our traditional peanut butter cookie.

Time is getting short. We will be launching our fund raiser in about a month, so my cookie try-outs are coming to an end. Does anyone have a cookie recipe that I Must Try?

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  1. Oh, I love the fact that you are involving your boys in such a great fundraiser! I have a feeling that you only sell locally though, huh?

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