Even though the temperatures have dropped a little, it’s still not technically fall here yet. The grass and the leaves are still green. Lately, green has become one of my favorite colors.


My green Twig and Leaf shawl is finally blocked. I think it is a lovely shade of green, but I had a hard time capturing the color indoors.


Outdoors, though, the color shows up perfectly. I made the medium and it’s the perfect size for me; not too small or big. Just big enough to add some warmth, but no so big that I fear it will get caught on things or drag on the ground.


It looks great wrapped around a person in a casual way. The great thing about a crescent shaped shawl is that it looks great any way one wears it. There’s no center point that would look off kilter if not worn properly. I know that most people wouldn’t judge me if my shawl were off center, but I must admit that triangle shawls make me self-conscious in that respect.


The yarn is Knitting Notions Merino Lace and it was a lovely yarn to work with. This color was last year’s August shipment in the Fall In Full Color Club by Anne Hansen. This year, I am still in the club, but pattern only. I miss getting the yarn, but it is also fun to look in my yarn stash and see what I already have that will look good with the patterns. And there is plenty of green still in there.

I know pretty soon the world will change colors, but for now, I am still enjoying the greenness of it all.


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  1. That’s beautiful!

  2. What a great color! 🙂

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