Back to the Beginning

In the last few weeks, I have tried no less than five chocolate chip cookie recipes. Somehow, I have it in my head that I need another chocolate chip cookie to add to our fund raising list, but it needs to be a little different than the one that is already there. That one is a giant sized cookie, similar to the kinds of cookies you buy in really good bakeries for almost the same amount of money you would pay for your latte. It’s the kind of cookie that you share with one or two people. Either that, or you might feel obligated to skip a meal if you eat the whole thing and that would be ok because it is such a good cookie that you would be willing to sacrifice a meal for it.

No. That’s not what I want right now.

Right now, I want an everyday chocolate chip cookie. It needs to be a small size; one that can be eaten without much guilt. Originally, I thought that adding oatmeal and some nuts would fit this bill. So far, I have made 4 batches with oatmeal and some kind of nut in them. Oatmeal, I reasoned, would give this cookie a healthy aura and the nuts would add some nice flavor and protein that would definitely throw the cookie into the healthy snack category.


There are problems here, though. Oatmeal seems to dry out a cookie and make it dense and coarse textured. I know I wasn’t going for cake, but I also did not want a cookie that had to be drowned with milk or tea in order to be swallowed. Also, the nuts were not popular with the kids. Sometimes, I can get away with nuts if the adults love them enough, but for a chocolate chip cookie, I really felt that the kids should love them as well.

So, I am back to the drawing board with this one. There are one or two more things I am going to try and then I may just have to throw in the towel. In the meantime, I need to figure out what to do with the 12 dozen or so oatmeal chocolate chip nut cookies that I have stashed in the freezer.


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  1. Oh, I could sooooo figure out a plan for those stashed cookies ;D

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