X Hits the Spot

Finally, I have made a TWD recipe! Between cookie recipe testing, our everyday busy school routine, and, just recently, running around test driving and buying a car, I feel like nothing else has been getting done. But, today, I was determined to make those X cookies, even if I am a day late and already tired from making three other batches of cookies this week. This is one I have been wanting to try for awhile because I have always liked fig newtons and they are supposed to be like those.

Amazingly, I had all the ingredients for the filling, except for the candied citrus. I only had candied citron, so I used those instead, but I think it would be good with candied ginger, too.


The fig paste filling was very sticky, so I knew it would not get too dry in the oven, but that made it a little hard to work with.


After having my dough stick to the counter on my first roll, I started using plastic wrap to help me put the cookies together. This is not a neat process.


I was so tired from my busy morning that I only managed to make ten cookies before I had to have a little rest.


But, first, I had to try one of them. The verdict? Well, I really like them. One of my boys likes them, but the other one doesn’t. Well, you really have to be a figgy person to like them. The filling is a little less sweet and definitely more complex than the mass market variety. They are certainly one of the most fiddly cookies I have ever made (hence the lie down after just making 1/6th of them), but on a day when I have more energy, I think I wouldn’t mind. As it is, I am thinking about putting everything in the fridge and finishing tomorrow. We’ll see how that works out. I’ll let you know.


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  1. It was a long process of rolling out logs. But thankfully we loved the finished product. I think next time I might make them into bars…though the X’s are pretty darn cute!

  2. They look delicious and pretty, too. You’ve also just reminded me that I want to try making German style pretzels some time soon. That could be a bit fiddly, but not as fiddly as those X’es.

  3. I skipped these, but they do look good!

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