New and Old

Now that the husband’s sweater is all done, I am free to work on whatever my heart desires, which, of course, has resulted in the casting on of many projects. The first is this Ravello sweater.


So far, I like the top, but am feeling a little unsure about this dark gray bottom half. It seems like such a big contrast to the soft colors in the top. What do you think? Is it too different?

There’s also the mystery shawl knit along that I started last week. The Noro silk garden yarn that I had picked out originally turned out to be too thick for beads, so I picked another self-striping yarn that I had laying around.


This is Fame Trend and I bought it originally to make some socks, but upon getting it home and examining it further, I decided it was too loosely spun for socks.


Just like the mystery knit along I did earlier in the year, I am finding this project great fun. I don’t know what it is, but something about getting a little piece of the pattern every week and not knowing what the final result will be makes me more motivated to work on it.

I’ve also been working on my Moon & Stars shawl off and on. I have finished the first chart and got stalled when I was trying to consider if I should do more repeats of the pattern. My main desire is that I use as much of the yarn as I can since leftover lace yarn is harder to find uses for than other weights of yarn.


At this point, I think I may have to do an extra 40 rows of that first pattern to make the numbers come out evenly to start the second lace chart, so it looks like I am not going to add any more rows. Perhaps I can just add more rows at the end of the shawl to use up yarn and hope that it doesn’t throw the balance of the patterns off too much.

Oh, I almost forgot, I finally finished off these plain vanilla socks for the husband, just in time to give to him for his birthday, too.


So, he really got birthday socks and a birthday sweater. Lucky him. Last night, I wound up a skein of Breakfast Blend Fingering from Bare Naked Wools to knit some Jazz String socks for him.


I am hoping these will become my new traveling socks once I get past the cuff because I will need something easy to work on in the car when I go to the NY sheep and wool festival next week. Yay!

Next time, I’m going to talk about cookies. There may even be a recipe involved. I know, it’s shocking!


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  1. Oh, you crazy caster-oner, you! 😀

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