Plum and Almond Danish Braid

Ok, I am not going to talk about cookies today because today is Tuesdays with Dorie Day and we are making Danish Braids!


I am pretty sure I have made this recipe before, though it has been so long that I don’t remember the details. Danish dough is not too hard to make, though. It’s definitely easier than croissant dough, even if you don’t follow the directions exactly, like I did.


When I made the dough on Friday, I was also making apple pie, apple challah, and apple swirl buns. What can I say? I was multitasking a bit too much. So, while I was cutting up the butter for the pie crust dough, I went ahead and cut up the butter for the danish dough into the same size pieces, not realizing that I actually needed bigger pieces of butter for the danish. Still, I kinda caught my mistake in time before I hit the pulse button on my food processor too many times, so my butter pieces did not all get too small.


Then, the dough sat in my fridge for the weekend. It’s nice that the dough is patient and will wait until you are ready. Yesterday, I pulled it out, did all the rolling and folding, chilling and filling.


To save time and energy, I used a jar of mixed red plum jam that I made last year and some leftover almond filling from making croissants awhile back. To make that almond filling more like the recipe for almond danish filling, I just added the two tablespoons of butter and the egg white.


I made the two danish braids with the same filling. Boring, I know, but my plan was to freeze one, so I was ok with it. In retrospect, I wish I had doubled this recipe and made four braids, especially after I saw what they looked like after they came out of the oven.


Clearly, my icing could be more drizzly and less gloppy, but I wasn’t hearing any complaints about the appearance when I served it for an afternoon snack. In fact, I didn’t hear any conversation at all, which, for boys, means that one has succeeded.


The husband and I thought that that filling was a bit too sweet. Next time, I will use less jam and maybe skip the icing. The pastry, however, was delicious: buttery and flaky, and light and soft.


It’s perfect with coffee or tea and breakfast, snack, or dessert. Originally, I had planned to make an apple version since I still have a lot of apples, but we have had a lot of apple desserts lately. Whatever the flavor, these danish will be more than tasty. I don’t think I will be waiting too long to make this recipe again.

Want to make it yourself? You can find the recipe here. Happy baking!

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  1. impressive braids! homemade plum jam and almond filling sounds excellent

  2. Beautiful! I was so excited by how well these braids turned out. This recipe will be a staple in our household for sure!

  3. Lovely braids! Your pics are awesome. I am definitely making this recipe again!

  4. I love plums in all shapes and sizes. Your filling with red plum jam sounds very enticing!

  5. Homemade plum jam! Wow.
    Looks absolutely mouth watering. 🙂

  6. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! Plum jam sounds wonderful to me!

  7. Beautiful braid!! I loved this recipe too!!

  8. Perfection! Your loaves are just gorgeous!

  9. So pretty!!! Your photos are gorgeous, and your braid = perfection. 🙂

  10. Red plum jam and almond filling sound wonderful together – your Danish Braids do look very pretty too – nice presentation!

  11. Your braids are perfect! So beautiful. I do like the look of the drizzle – kinda wish I used it now.

  12. Your Danish braid looks so beautiful and delicious. I’m so behind on TWDBWJ lately. There are a few that I’ve baked but not posted on my blog. I bought the ingredients for the Danish braid and now am inspired to bake it (them) this weekend.

  13. What an apple day! Your braids look absolutely perfect.

  14. Funny, after looking at your photos I was wishing I hadn’t skipped the icing. I agree that the dish didn’t need to be any sweeter, but it sure is pretty….Apple pie, apple challah, and apple swirl buns?! I wish I could move into your house 🙂

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