Fall Magic

What can I say about an autumn week in the New York countryside that includes perfect weather, lots of yarn, campfires, and wonderful people?



From the moment we arrived until the moment we left, everything shimmered with color, laughter, and fun.


It was literally raining leaves all the time. The ground was ankle deep in leaves.


Bright, vibrant colors were everywhere.


It was heaven for the boys.


Oh yeah, and there was the New York Sheep and Wool festival at Rhinebeck, which was more amazing than usual for me, mostly because of the wonderful people I got to meet and hang out with.


I was enjoying the experience so much that I really took very few pictures. I was soaking in the atmosphere, talking with the lovely friends I had only known online until then, and, of course, shopping.


Mostly, I bought sweater quantities of yarn. I resisted all those pretty skeins of sock yarn (there has been a lot of sock yarn stash enhancement this year already).


After the festival, I took a couple of classes with Anne Hansen of Knitspot. Those classes were eye-opening for sure. Who knew that I was sewing all my seams wrong all this time? Well, maybe not wrong, but not in the best possible way. Seriously, if you have a chance to take a class with Anne, do it. It is worth every penny.


Coming back home was a bit of a jolt this week. I am already looking forward to next year and I hope I get to see you there.

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