A Reminder

Whew. The last few weeks have really been crazy busy around here. It all started with Halloween, which really caught us all by surprise. The night before, we had no pumpkin and no costumes, with very little time to do anything because we were busy with our cookie fund-raiser. Plus, the day after Halloween, our windows and doors were being replaced, which meant we were also running around the house cleaning, taking down curtains, and moving furniture.


Well, with a little schedule tweaking and the boys agreeing to wear their costumes from last year (only switching to wear each other’s), we made it through Halloween. The boys even managed to get a sizable amount of candy before the rain drove us inside.


This week, work for the cookie fund raiser has really taken over every second of our lives. Every year, this project has gotten bigger and bigger and we are raising more and more money for Samaritan’s Purse, which is really awesome. But, it is getting to be quite a big project to manage and it is clear that if we are to do this again, some things will need to change.


The biggest thing to change, is that we need to continually remind ourselves why we are doing this. The husband said last night that he thought we should put up some posters from Samaritan’s Purse to remind us that we are helping real people. Sometimes, it’s hard to remember that our cookie dough is actually helping someone in another country or maybe even in the next state over. We have so, so much in our lives and it’s not all monetary. We’ve been blessed with the gifts and abilities that make it possible for us to help in this way, even though at times, it seems so far removed.


I’ll admit that I have been grumbling in my heart a bit about how much work this is and how much time it is taking up and how the boys should be helping more. It was beginning to feel like a chore. Then, yesterday, a friend of ours took the time to thank us for the sacrifice of time and energy and money that we were giving for this project and it was a wonderful reminder to me.

Yes, it is a lot of work and a sacrifice, but one with great rewards. And really, this sacrifice of ours is tiny compared to the one made by God for us. Our cups overflow with the wonderful things He has given us and this project is just one little way for us to share the extra that we have. It is actually very humbling to think that God would use us in this way to spread his love because we don’t deserve to, especially not me with my sad attitude this week.

So, to all of you who ordered cookies, Thank You for supporting us in the project. We are really learning so much about ourselves and about God’s goodness through you. And when you eat one of our cookies, think about those who are being helped by Samaritan’s Purse, and know that you are a part of that.


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  1. What a wonderful family you are 🙂 I’m proud to know you.

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