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Would you believe that I am still working my way through all the apples we picked over a month ago? How have I made them last so long, you ask? Well, a few weeks ago, I put the last half bushel in the fridge, basket and all. Apples will keep well in the fridge for quite a long time, especially when you have picked them yourself and they don’t have to make a journey across the country to your local store that might take weeks. I usually still have apples in the fridge from our farm day during Thanksgiving week for my apple pie or tart dessert post turkey.

Well, after I stuck that basket in the fridge, we went into full production mode for cookie dough and they have been ignored until this past weekend when we were trying to fit a particularly large batch of groceries in the fridge. The husband grumbled about that blankety blank basket of apples in there and was I ever going to do anything with it? I sighed, very loudly, and yanked the basket out of the fridge and put it on the counter, where it sat for a day.

Yesterday, it was good to spend some time in the kitchen that had nothing to do with cookies or an obligatory dinner. I reacquainted myself with my sourdough starter and the apples and made a couple of apple treats for us to enjoy.


First, there was an apple sourdough bread with dried cranberries. My inspiration was this King Arthur Flour recipe that I have made previously, but instead of making that bread dough, I made my usual Not Flatbread recipe. I added a little potato flour and oatmeal to my dough, which made it super dry. But, instead of waiting until the end of mixing to add the apples, I did it as soon as the dough began coming together. This allowed some moisture from the apples to permeate the dough and, after about 10 minutes of kneading, the dough was actually pretty sticky. Lastly, I added dried cranberries and let the dough mix for another few minutes. The cranberries evened out the moisture level of the dough a little by absorbing some and, at the end, I had a really silky dough.


This is all highly experimental stuff. I tend to do this quite often, throwing stuff in a recipe that I think might be good and sometimes it works out. Sometimes, though, it does not, but I always learn something from it. Most of the time, it is edible, though there have been a few unfortunate results. This time, it worked out beautifully. The bread is tasty, especially when it is toasted, and the boys loved it today with bacon and cheddar.


The best thing is that I got four average sized loaves from one batch, which means we can look forward to more yummy toast and sandwiches in the future.


Secondly, I made this apple cake recipe, which fascinated me because of its mixing method. Mostly, it’s a dump and mix sort of thing. See?


You put everything in a bowl except the apples and nuts.


Then you mix it up until it’s sort of dry and pasty.


Lastly, you add the apples and walnuts and look! It turns into a cake batter. This is another case of letting the excess moisture in apples work to your advantage in a recipe. Many apple cake recipes are yucky to me because they are too moist or the moisture from the apples makes the cake pasty, which, quite franky, is not the right texture for a cake.


Seriously, this is one of the easiest apple cakes I have ever made.


It’s been awhile since we have had cake in the house and it is a really nice change from cookies and Halloween candy, let me tell you. Plus, it’s just right for autumn with the brown sugar and maple frosting on top. I halved the frosting recipe because no one here is a fan of lots of frosting and i think this thin layer is just right. It lets the flavor the of cake take center stage. To add some maple flavor, I added a little maple oil to the frosting.


Also, the cake is just as good the next day. The only thing that I would take issue with in the recipe is that it says it yields 24 servings. Maybe this would be true if it was mediocre, but I’d say with a cake this good, the serving count is closer to 15, less if you have growing boys in the house. I will certainly be making this recipe again and, if you like apple cake, I urge you to give this recipe a try.

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  1. Mmmm…might have to test this one on the weekend!

  2. What great bread to use for grilled cheese!

  3. I have a lot of apples I’m still getting through too!

  4. I’m baking your apple cake as we speak 😉

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