Pumpernickel, Finally!

This post is over a week late for Tuesdays with Dorie, but I could never let it be said that I skipped a bread recipe! In our house, most of us like rye bread and pumpernickel bread, though we are divided as to whether the breads should have seeds or not. The color of this pumpernickel bread is enough to make me love it.


The ingredient list is quite daunting, but everything there contributes to the unique flavor of the dough. Of course, I could not find any prune butter, so I made the prune levkar recipe that is at the end of the book. I thought I halved it, but came up with a cup at the end, so I stowed the remainder in the freezer for the next time I want pumpernickel bread or maybe danishes.


After the prune levkar, I worked on the hot water, coffee, and chocolate mixture. Then, it was really just a matter of dumping things in the mixer bowl. I made a couple of changes. First, I used coconut oil instead of shortening, mostly because I was out of shortening. Also, I ground 2.5 tablespoons of caraway seeds and left out the ones that were whole. I am not a fan of crunching on whole caraway seeds, though I do not mind their flavor.


The dough came together quite well. It was nice and silky and cleaned the bowl nicely. The rise times were just right, which I attribute mostly to making sure all the liquids were still warm when I started mixing because the day I made these was a super cold day with occasional flurries in the forecast.


Instead of making two giant loaves, I made two pans of rolls, one for our dinner that night, one to freeze for Thanksgiving dinner, and two small boules that I hope will be good for sandwiches in the future.


Everyone loved them, except for me. I had one roll just warm out of the oven, and I think the flavors had not really had time to develop yet. I bet I will like them better when we have them with turkey or with a reuben sandwich. The bread had really great texture and moisture, even though there was not much oven spring to speak of. I am dreaming of combining this with a rye bread recipe to make a swirly loaf, just like they have at delis, but that will have to wait for some other day.

Here’s the recipe link!

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  1. All your breads look fabulous! I was undecided if I cared for pumpernickel in general. With each new day and a slice of this bread, I have decided I do. I think it does getter better with time, and would make for great turkey sandwiches!

  2. Ooooh, what gorgeous color!

  3. Your bread looks beautiful! I made the prune butter from the cookbook too, made 1/3 of the recipe, and still had a bunch left! Crazy!

  4. Wow, your loaves and rolls looks fabulous!
    Being a bread-aholic, I loved to make a pumpernickel bread: it was a première!

  5. Great looking bread and buns! I love the buns….what a great idea. And yep, I think it would make a great turkey sandwich!
    Better late than never…great job! 🙂

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