The Next Good Thing

Can you believe Christmas is only 3 weeks away? Since Thanksgiving was so late this year, it feels like we have a lot less time to prepare than usual. Actually, in our house, that’s not necessarily true. We like to try to celebrate just one thing at a time and the thing that comes after Thanksgiving for us is my birthday.


For many out of the last several years, we have used the day to go get our Christmas tree. Sometimes, we go to a farm and sometimes we just go to a local side of the road kind of place. This year, we opted for the farm since it was supposed to be a little warmer. And it turned out to be a great day for getting a tree. Now, we just have to make time to decorate it!


After we got home, we cut into the cake that the husband made for me. Every year, he ventures into the kitchen to bake a cake of my choosing. He started off many years ago making angel food cakes and now, he can make butter cakes, genoise cakes, and he can even make ganache and buttercreams! This year, I picked a recipe from Sarabeth’s Bakery. It’s a vanilla genoise with lemon curd, raspberries, and a vanilla buttercream.


I think this may be the best cake I have ever eaten. It’s got the perfect balance of tart and sweet; it’s moist and light, and the buttercream melts in your mouth. It takes a bit of work to prepare each component, but many of them can be made in advance. In fact, I helped the husband out by making the buttercream base a few months ago and stored it in the freezer. I tell you, I am really blessed to have such a talented hubby!


And that’s not all! I also got some very sheepy gifts that I am just really excited about; a sheep cutting board (isn’t it cute?) and two colors of a most luxurious yarn made from baby llama hair and silk. I can’t wait to wind these up and knit with them.

Ok, now that my birthday festivities are over, it’s time to get serious about Christmas baking. Stay tuned. There will be lots of baking, maybe some crafting, and definitely a give-away!

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  1. Happy birthday! Kudos to your hubby for making such a divine cake! I am very impressed.

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