Day 8: Holiday Cut Outs

While I had all the cookie cutters out, and there are quite a number of them in my possession, I decided it was time to try another butter/sugar cookie recipe.  In the past, I have used this one and I still quite like that one.  It has a melt in your mouth quality from all the butter that I just love and it is nice and crispy.  This one promised to be similar and it also seemed to get some good reviews from those who tried it, so I decided to forego my old standby and try something new for our sugar cookie this year.


The first thing you should know is that this recipe makes a lot of cookie dough, roughly 5 and a half pounds of it. The recipe, like most roll and cut cookie recipes, has you chill the dough in discs to roll out on a floured surface later. This kind of process takes me back to my first Christmas as a newleywed. Somehow, I got it into my head that we needed to bake cookies for all of my in-laws for Christmas and of course the husband had to help me because it was his family after all.

Well, what ensued was a really late evening. I think we were up until 3am that night and there was also the colossal mess of it all. Like the scene I mentioned yesterday from Pippi Longstocking, there was flour everywhere and this was before I knew about parchment, so we were working with only two cookie sheets. And, since neither one of us has Pippi’s sunny disposition, we were a bit grumpy. Since then, the husband has stayed well clear of any huge cookie baking operations. Oh, he’s there for the making of the dough or if something needs to be chopped up or a bowl needs to be cleaned. But, if baking multiple trays is involved, he leaves it to me.

Anyway, I have since developed a much neater, more streamlined, and less wasteful roll and cut cookie baking process. I described it in yesterday’s recipe for Pepperkakor and you can find more specific photos from last year’s post about gingerbread. Try it and I think you may never go back to flouring the counter again. Of course, it also helps when you have two boys who are such good helpers. In about an hour and a half we were able to bake over twelve dozen cookies.


Now, about this cookie. You can decorate it as much or as little as you want. We chose to go light at first, but then we decided it was too plain looking. With our first few pans, we forgot to do the egg wash before sprinkling the sugar on top. Then, we did about four pans with the egg wash and decided that we did not like the look of them as well. Our sprinkles tended to bleed with the heat of the oven and they looked streaky. Plus, they took longer to bake. I was happy to dispense with the egg wash. It’s great for bread, but maybe not so much for cookies and I am always happy to skip a step if I can.


This is probably the plainest cookie of the week, and that’s not meant in a bad way. Sometimes, you don’t want spices or nuts or fruit. Sometimes, a plain vanilla sugar cookie is all you want and this one delivers on that. There’s lots of vanilla flavor. Its lack of leavening gives it a fabulous crisp, almost crackery texture and even though it is a sugar cookie, it does not taste too sweet. Make sure you let them get a little brown around the edges for extra nutty flavor. To try this recipe for yourself, click on this link.

Alright, it’s less than two weeks before Christmas now and we still have to do cards, some shopping and shipping, and I have yet to do all my holiday bread baking because of all the cookie action that has been going on. What else do you have to do? Don’t forget to leave a comment for a chance to win a tin of cookies! A comment per post per person will get you twelve chances to win.


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  1. There is nothing like a cut-out sugar cookie to set the Christmas mood. Simple yet delicious!

  2. i do love a traditional sugar cookie, especially the crispy browned edges…this is making me hungry!

  3. Your moose cookie cutter is better than my moose cookie cutter!

  4. Nothing says Christmas like a sugar cookie… period.

    (I still have a lot to do – shopping, wrapping, baking, knitting… I suppose it will get done. I’m not as stressed as I imagined I’d be… wish me luck!)

  5. I will have to try that rolling out technique. Thanks! Still to do… finish making our tree skirt, finish decorating the house, START making cookies, prep for an onslaught of family… a lot!

  6. I have to wrap presents, finish knitting 2 and buy a few gift cards.

    Last year and this year, our work Holiday party has included decorating cookies like yours. A friend of mine makes them (this year she hurt her knee so her daughter made the dough and the office manager cooked the cookies) and we all sit at tables decorating them and then most eat them right up. I decorated two and brought them home for my parents to eat.

  7. I think I am all ready for Christmas but I am sure I am forgetting something. Love the idea of a crisper cookie.

  8. yummmm I love a good sugar cookie at christmas! I still have to wrap work and friend gifts, do some cards, and placed the last online membership order tonight!

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