Quick Announcement

Hi there! I’m just popping in really quickly to announce to winner of my cookie tin giveaway. I have no idea how to do a screen shot or whatever it is that people do to show the random number generator thingy, so you’ll just have to take my word for it that I used it to randomly pick comment #7 as the winner of the cookie tin. Here’s the winning comment:

Alhbooks | December 6, 2013 at 7:56 pm

Ooh, Orange Flower Water is magical. I have some in the cupboard for no better reason than to sniff it occasionally. The cookies look irresistible!

Coincidentally, today is also Alhbooks’ birthday, so happy birthday and congratulations for winning the tin!

Thanks for all the well wishes regarding the tooth problem I am having. It is getting incrementally better; today is the first day in a week that I am not feeling miserable. I’m still feeling terrible, but it is an improvement, so I will take it for now. One thing that I have discovered with this experience is that I cannot knit through pain, so even though I have spent many hours just sitting around the past week, I have virtually no knitting to show for it. You know it has to be bad when a knitter is unable to knit. I did get to hug some yarn for comfort, though.


This is some Neighborhood Fiber Company Yarn that I got during the cyber Monday sales. It’s worsted weight in a color called Charles Village and it is quite squishable. I love the color and we used to live in Charles Village, so it was made for me, see?


Now, I hope I can get some knitting done soon because I do miss it.


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  1. Congrats to Alhbooks! I’m sure that very pretty yarn does help the dental pain. Hope you are able to knit soon.

  2. Congratulations and happy birthday to Ahlbooks! What a nice surprise for you! I hope you feel better soon Carie. Think of it this way, since you can’t knit during this time you won’t have a project that reminds you of your dental pain every time you see it. Hope that helps! In the meantime, take care!

  3. Oh, Anne – how lucky you are – what a fabulous birthday treat! I just know that you will enjoy every morsel of those cookies!

    Thank you again, Carie for providing us with so many delicious recipes and mouthwatering photos over the past several weeks. Happiest of holidays to you and your family!

  4. Congratulations Ahlbooks! you are in for a real treat!

    Katie – I love your point – no pain associated knitting!

    Carie – that picture is so sweet though I’d rather see you smiling. Looks like great yarn!

  5. Congratulations to Anne! Oh, you are in for such a treat! I’ve been getting into lots of cookie trouble this week with Carie’s fabulous cookies!

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