Daily Archives: January 8, 2014

One Down, Three to Go

Generally, I don’t believe in new year’s resolutions. They tend to be too lofty, which only leads to disappointment and a general feeling of failure. No one needs that. Besides, if I feel like there is a part of my life that needs improvement, why wait to start? I think it is good to be introspective and evaluative, but I also believe that, as a whole, we need to be more accepting of each other, faults and all, as well as more accepting of ourselves, which is harder to do.

I do, however, think that setting goals can be very useful. I find that goals help me to plan and if I have a plan, I am more likely to accomplish something. Now, I don’t set goals with everything I do because I like to have some freedom to be spontaneous, but when I start to feel bogged down or overwhelmed or just need some extra motivation, setting a goal can help get me out of the doldrums.

This year, I decided to set a January knitting goal:

Knit the four sleeves that I need to finish up two sweaters that have been hanging around.

First, I had to finish the body of my India Print Henley.


Once I got past the top shaping, the bottom was pretty easy since there was no figuring out how to include increases into the lace pattern. My challenge now is to finish this without running out of yarn.

The first sleeve of my stripey sweater is done. I did four extra sets of pink stripes because, again, I am worried about running out of yarn (the blue one).


These two projects compliment each other nicely. I have the stripey one which is great for watching tv that needs my undivided attention, such as Downton Abbey. Then, when I feel like I need more of a challenge, the lace sweater gets worked on.

One sleeve down, three to go. Hopefully, by the end of January, I will have two new sweaters to add to my wardrobe.

What about you? What goals have you set recently?