Country Bread, A Sourdough Version

I love a piece of good, hearty bread. Actually, I really love any kind of bread. And rice. And pasta. Ok, I just really love carbs! Today’s Tuesdays with Dorie recipe is for Country Bread. It’s supposed to be a non-sourdough version of another recipe in the book. The day I decided to make this was also a day that I needed to feed my sourdough starters, so I decided to alter the recipe a bit to include them. I know, I know. That’s kind of missing the point of the recipe, but I hate to throw away anything if I don’t have to, so here I am. Not only did I include sourdough in my bread, I also doubled the recipe because I am crazy like that. Um. I may not have done that had I realized ahead of time that each loaf was going to be over three pounds!


The upside is that I now have a lot of bread and it is really good bread. One loaf I made plain, and the other loaf got some chocolate chips, toasted hazelnuts, and dried cherries mixed in.


Of course, the one we decided to eat first was the one with chocolate. It was fabulous. The sourdough gave it a nice tang, but since it was all made and baked in the same day, it was not overwhelming.


Before the final rise, the dough just about filled the nine inch bannetones that I have.


After an hour, they were really well risen! They reminded me of that I Love Lucy episode when she makes so much bread that it started coming out of the oven when she tries to bake it. I wondered if it was over-proofed, but they turned out ok.


They smelled heavenly while baking and when we took them out to cool, they crackled as they cooled, a sure sign of well-baked bread. Since these loaves weren’t finished until after dinner, we did not try any until the next morning.


The texture of the bread was not as stretchy as a dough made with just white flour, but it had a pleasant wheatiness and kept well for several days. Which was good, because, for once, I made a loaf of bread that we couldn’t finish eating in a day! In fact, I took the plain loaf to a luncheon with 20 people and ended up bringing home a third of the loaf!

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  1. Looks so good!

  2. Karen Glotzbach

    You need to open a bakery…

  3. Yumyumyum! I need to feed my starter tomorrow.

  4. Wonderful to add chocolates, cherries and hazelnuts. That must have tasted great. Ya it is a large loaf. I made just half the recipe.

  5. One loaf alone was a lot! You are set with bread for a while, aren’t you? Love that you tweaked this recipe and had such success!

  6. I have never made my own starter and I am looking FW to trying a recipe with sourdough starter in the future. How did you adapt the recipe for that? Both loaves look delish!

  7. Great post! I love the look of your loaves…so pretty. It really was a good recipe.

  8. Such beautiful loaves! I didn’t have any rye flour so I used corn flour – waiting to see how it turns out since I just mixed the sponge. Fingers crossed!

  9. I’m with you on lovin’ carbs! Can’t get enough. I was expecting more of a sourdough taste with this bread. The recipe states you will get a “kick of sourdough flavor if you refrigerate the starter”. I did not detect any such flavor. Your loaves look fabulous!

  10. There is no better bread than sourdough. Great job.

  11. I can see why you do not like to discard your starter and using it for this fabulous bread was a great idea. The addition of chocolate, nuts and fruits is delicious.
    I’ve sliced and deep frozen the left overs. Perfect for toasting.

  12. Great looking bread. And the additions sound so good. I remember that Lucy episode with the bread coming out of the oven. So funny!!

  13. Your loaves are beautiful…they look like professionally made artisan bread. I like the idea of adding chocolate, dried cherries and nuts.

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