Daily Archives: January 16, 2014


It seems like everywhere I go nowadays I see stripes. Except for my wardrobe. I have no stripey things in my closet or my dresser. Until now. Now, I have one stripey ravello sweater.


I wasn’t sure I would like myself in stripes, but I was attracted to this pattern because I could use some of my one skein fingering yarns that I thought would make good socks, but turns out they are too delicate for socks. I used one skein of Swans Island Fingering (light blue), one skein of Rio de La Plata fingering (pink), and a tiny bit of a giant cone of Shelridge Farms fingering(dark grey). The Shelridge yarn was a little thicker that the other two and I was worried they would look funny, but lots of things even out in the magic of blocking.


I was especially glad to block out the bias that was happening to the dark grey. If you look closely above, you can see how all the dark grey stitches look like they are diagonal. I don’t know about you, but I hate it when I buy a garment and the seams don’t fall straight down where they are supposed to.


The bias is pretty much gone now and hasn’t returned after a day’s wear, so I am happy. There are a couple things that I would have done differently had I known what I know now. You can find those details on my ravelry project page which is linked below.

After all the hours of work I put into this sweater, I am suddenly liking stripes much more. So much more that I have a couple of other stripey sweaters on my mind. Tempest and this one. The second one is tricky. How to keep the stripe color sequence the same on the body and the sleeves or do you not bother to try? I think Tempest will be first on my list. I already have the yarn picked out.


P.s. Pattern is Ravello. My details are here.