Vanilla Chiffon Jam Roll

This week’s Tuesday’s with Dorie recipe kind of snuck up on me. After those giant loaves of bread from last time, I think I thought I was done baking for the month! I have to admit to sort of dreading this recipe. For some reason, I have never been able to master chiffon cakes. They seem so promising and then turn out to be not as good as expected. Well, this recipe was no different.


The sponge came together really easily.


Even folding the egg whites into the batter went well.


Then, it looked wonderfully fluffy when it came out of the oven after 18 minutes.


However, once it cooled, all that lovely fluffiness just disappeared. Poof! Gone!


Sigh. I had never really intended to make the filling recipe as it has too much cream in it for me to eat. Only half of us in this house really eat whipped cream, so I decided to go the super easy route and make it a jam roll.


Strawberry rhubarb jam gave us a little bit of spring in our dessert.


In the end, I was disappointed. The cake was nice and moist with lots of vanilla flavor, but I can’t help but think that it was supposed to be different. Plus, I really think that I am just not a big fan of chiffon cakes. They taste strange to me. I like angel food, genoise, and butter cakes, but have yet to meet a chiffon cake that I like. It’s a bit odd since I generally love cake, but oh well. I am glad that I did not go through the extra trouble of making the chocolate walnut mousse, though maybe that would have been so yummy that it would have made up for the disappointment in the cake. I will probably never know.

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  1. Darn it. I always leave this blog with a raging cake-craving :-/

  2. What a bummer to be disappointed with the final result after spending all that time on it. I’ll bet the strawberry rhubarb jam was delicious though! It’s your homemade jam, right?
    (Your sour cherry preserves that were in the jam cookies from the holidays were a-maz-ing!)

  3. Yeah, I was also not impressed by the cake part. However the mousse really was divine. It made the desert, for me!

  4. What a great looking chiffon roll!

  5. Not sure if I have made a proper chiffon cake before – maybe it’s a bit bland without a heavier filling?

  6. I recently made a chiffon cake (once vanilla and a couple weeks later chocolate)– I was looking for an easily adaptable dairy-free one. I followed a King Arthur recipe using coconut oil and coconut milk. The instructions said to let the cake cool upside down in the pan.

    Mine didn’t lose any height. However, both times I made them a few days ahead, gave the layers a simple syrup basting and stuck them in the freezer. My husband, who has more distinguished tastebuds was unimpressed. I think the cake tasted best the day it was baked, which he didn’t try.

    So….I don’t know if that confirms “not worth trying again” or not!

  7. If your cake did not deflate, you would not have been able to roll it. The jam sounds like it would have been quite tasty with this. I was hoping for more as well, and thought it was because I forgot to add the cream.

  8. It was a nice cake.and I am dying to fill it with lemon curd, or ice cream. Perfect foil.I will have to try it with jam.

  9. Good idea to fill it with jam. Too bad it wasn’t a winner for you. I liked it a lot though I’ve never made chiffon cake before, so I didn’t have anything to gauge it with.

  10. I think the jam roll idea sounds way better than chocolate mousse.

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