Finally, my India Print Henley is done. Sheer determination is the only reason why this project got finished because there have been some serious setbacks and head-scratching moments over this one. But, all is forgotten once everything is done and blocked.


Once it was soaked and rinsed, I could see that the laciness of the pattern would allow the sweater to stretch out quite a bit. That was a good thing because this is what the sweater looked like before I soaked and blocked it.


Yikes! I must admit it was hard to believe that the sweater would fit me while I was in the process of knitting it. But blocking lace is always magical. (excuse the poor quality of the following photo. winter light is scarce.)


I was even able to stretch out the sleeves to almost the right length even though there were two fewer repeats of the pattern there. This is because I ran out of yarn. Then, after I realized I did not have enough yarn to do all the prescribed number of repeats, I knit the sleeves two different lengths and had to go back and add some length to one of them. By this time, I was pretty much mentally done with the thing, but I persevered.


And now, I have a pretty nice sweater to show for it. It’s a bit too cold to wear this right now during the arctic blast we’ve been having lately. Today is the first day in almost two weeks that the high will be above freezing. We could use a torrent of rain to wash all the salt away, but it has been nice to have some snow that sticks around. Though, it was prettier right after it snowed.


I love the snow and hope we get some more because the next three sweaters that I have on the needles are all worsted weight.


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  1. Your efforts were well worth it! The finished product is beautiful! What is the yarn you’ve used?

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