Knitting Games

Can’t talk much now. The olympics have started and so have two projects that I have challenged myself to finish during the games.


First, a hazeline shawl that I have been wanting to make for years.


Secondly, a September Morn sweater in a pretty springy green color given to me by the husband for my birthday.

After the first day of knitting, they looked like this:



The sweater is good tv knitting, so it’s getting a lot of attention while I watch the games. Sunday, my projects looked like this.



Monday, this is what they looked like:



It’s difficult to tell the progress on the shawl. Maybe it’s because I stopped working on it for a day or two. I was really anxious to get the sweater past the upper body part. That was Tuesday’s accomplishment and so they looked like this yesterday.



Today, thanks to a rather sleepless night, I have some extra progress on the shawl, too. Just a few more rows there and I will be on to the next lace chart. The sweater is also coming along with waist decreases commencing now.



Usually, there is not this much visual progress in my knitting, but this super focused and concentrated knitting time is a great change from my usual bouncing back and forth between 12 projects routine. There are just about 10 days of olympic knitting left. I will try to post my progress regularly, but you’ll understand if I don’t do a lot of talking, right? You see, I have a deadline to meet.


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  1. You are making fantastic progress, Carie!

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