Marching On

Hi there! Boy, it’s amazing how a few extra things on the calendar can make an already busy schedule seem kinda crazy. Throw in the fact that everyone had a cold at sometime during the past week and a couple of days with the husband out of town and a week just flies by in the blink of an eye.


Still, there are some compensations. That three hour meeting I went to resulted in at least four inches of knitting done on the back of my Brandied Cherry and a soccer game helped add on at least one more inch. It would have been more, but my little soccer player was the goalie for the last 10 minutes of the game, which is totally nerve wracking for me. I can knit pretty much through any other sports activity and event except when one of my kids is in the goalie box. I don’t know how parents of regular goalies handle the stress!


Anyway, the front of the same sweater was finished the following day. I am hoping to have this sweater done by the end of the month because, frankly, there are not going to be too many more days this season when a worsted weight cabled sweater is going to be needed. There are more days that are above freezing now than not and we have even had a couple that have been so warm we have not needed jackets!

Also, my pink mystery shawl is finally caught up. I was behind in the clues until this week, but got caught up while the husband was out of town. I won’t show you in case one of you is working on this and don’t want the mystery to be spoiled. I will say this, though. It is a very enjoyable project. Some lace projects are lots of work because the chart is constantly changing and you have to be on your toes counting to make sure everything lines up just so. This one is very intuitive and, even though my rows are close to 400 stitches long, they don’t seem long because the pattern makes sense.

Every once in awhile when I am weary of the pinks, I do a row or two of this old blue shawl project.


It’s growing steadily. Each row is getting longer, so it feels slower now, but it will get done.

Speaking of getting things done, I really am almost done with my Follow Your Arrow mystery shawl. I am a month behind schedule, but hope to be done and blocking in the next few days. Grey is not a color that is calling to me right now and the only thing keeping me going on this one is the fact that I really only have five rows left. Five really looooonng rows. I am eager to see how this looks all blocked out, because it doesn’t look like much right now, to be honest.


Here’s a sneak peak at the color of my next project. Yes, I am already thinking about my next few projects! It helps to give me a little added motivation to finish the ones I have going.


Yay! Blue is my favorite color. I pretty much love all shades of blue from darks to brights, like this one.


I think this lovely aqua colored yarn is going to be a Cape Cod sweater. I may not be able to wait until the pink one is done before I cast on. Knitting the gauge swatch did not help. The yarn is Haven, a lovely merino and silk mix that is surprisingly lofty and squishy.


And that’s it for the knitting news. Maybe next time I will tell you about all my cake disasters.


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  1. Oh, that aqua is heavenly! Dashing over now to peak at the pattern 😉

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