More Pink

With the delay of spring here in this part of the world, I find myself looking to create a little spring of my own wherever I can. This is manifesting itself mostly in yarn and in pink.


First, my Brandied Cherry sweater is all done. The depth of color on this yarn is difficult to capture in photos. The pink is dark and vibrant.


Before I seamed, I blocked my sweater pieces. This is something I used to never do, but now I do it every time because it really makes seaming much easier. One thing I noticed about this yarn is that it really stretched out in blocking. I was expecting this since it is a superwash yarn and don’t mind extra length in my sweaters. I find, in general, that you can really stretch out SW yarn when it is wet, but once it is dry, it usually bounces back a little.


I used some of my new clover clips to help out with the seaming. They are really handy and easy to use and reposition.


My row gauge was a bit long, so my sleeves turned out a tad longer than I expected, but there is a cuff incorporated in the pattern that is meant to be folded back, so all is well there, too.


I am very happy with how this one turned out. It is a warm, cozy sweater in a happy color.


As soon as I was done with this, I went back to work on my spring mystery shawl, in a very similar pink color.


Additionally, I am already planning another sweater in (surprise!) pink, though this one is a little more muted in its tone.


This yarn is from The Woolen Rabbit and is made of 85% Polwarth wool and 15% silk. It has a lovely sheen from the silk and is very smooth to knit with. My plan is to make this sweater with it. The blue sock yarn just came along for the ride because even though I am very smitten with pink right now, blue is my true love.

Usually at this time of year, we have some flowers and budding blossoms, but this year we are still stuck in the polar vortex. Any cherry blossom color around here is coming from this gorgeous yarn by the same name.


Yes, I am a little obsessed with pink and likely will be until the riot of spring colors finally arrives. Then, maybe I’ll go back to gray or brown. For now, I need pink.


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  1. Just took a peek at the Bailey’s sweater…the pink will be divine!

  2. Beautiful sweater! I can’t believe you finished it in one month!!

  3. Oh Carie, your Brandied Cherry is gorgeous! Well done!

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