Cleaning Up

Oh boy. This has been a busy first week of spring break. We went on a field trip where we saw lots of sheep.


Some were just a day old.


We got to touch a Teeswater fleece that was full of lanolin.


The farm also had llamas and alpacas.


And here’s a peacock showing off his colors.


It was a fun day watching the kids pet a few animals, play with some fiber, and enjoying the good weather. For most of the rest of this week, we have been in super deep cleaning mode for the Easter holiday. While I was going through all the boys’ clothes, look what I found.


This is a whole bin of sweaters I made for the boys that no longer fit. There must be at least a dozen sweaters in there. Here’s the drawer of sweaters that still fit.


Do you sense a color trend? Ah, well, they are boys and blue is my favorite color after all, but maybe I should knit something red next. Or orange.

Anyway, I am going to go and do some knitting now. I’ve just spent the past four hours deep cleaning the kitchen. The kitchen is so clean that there is no way I am making dinner tonight because I want to enjoy the fruits of my labors and keep it clean as long as possible. Nothing is more discouraging than cleaning something and then having it become filthy in less time than it took to clean it. Absolutely no one is allowed to make anything in the kitchen tonight. Happy weekend, everyone!


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  1. I must do the same thing in the next week or so…enjoy all the take-out food 😉

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