Seaglass Cape Cod

One wonderful thing about knitting a top down, all in one piece sweater is that when you’re finished with the knitting, it’s really just a few minutes away from being wearable.


The sleeves on this sweater went quickly during the hour or two before bed over the weekend when I was too tired to do anything but plain stockinette knitting. Then, it was ten minutes of weaving in ends and a good long bath followed by a day of drying. After that, it was ready to wear.


It grew a little in its bath, so the fit is looser and longer than I thought it would be but the fabric of the sweater itself is dreamy. The yarn has a light, fluffy quality to it and the high silk content makes it shimmer and also causes it to be comfortable to wear against the skin. There is no itch factor here.


There is a bit more fabric under the arms than I would like, which is a common problem with top down sweaters. However, it is likely that few people will notice this and it will probably bother me less as time goes on.


One thing I like about this pattern is that the back detail is a little different from the front. It’s things like this that make knitting more interesting.


I am pretty happy with how this turned out and I hope I get one or two coolish days this spring to wear it before it gets too hot. The pattern is Cape Cod by Thea Colman and the yarn is Haven by Shalimar Yarns in the Seaglass colorway.


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  1. Wow, that is a beautiful sweater!

  2. This came out so lovely, Carie! Thea’s patterns are so fun.

  3. I love it! I’m tempted to just…follow you around the world of knitting and hijack all your pattern choices…(more than I do already 😉

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