Fun Times

The MD sheep and wool festival was fabulous. I went with six other ladies and we had such fun that I never stopped to take any pictures. I took a few of my purchases, though.



The boys and I are in the middle of our big push to finish off the school year before the end of the month, so not much else is getting done at the moment. The only knitting I have the concentration for is straight rows of knitting, which worked in my favor this week. I had reached the border of my moon and stars shawl, which is all stockinette stitch, so I actually I have a finished object to show you.

Here it is pre-blocking.


During blocking.


After this photo was taken, I took out all those pins and blocked it differently so that there would not be a scalloped hem. I like it better with a smooth hem.


The finished shawl is over 90 inches across the top! It’s so long I could probably wrap it around myself more than twice.


According to my ravelry page for this project, I cast this on last June! Some projects just take longer than others. It does feel good to have it done, though. Maybe I will pull out another super old project and see if I can get any traction on it. Then again, I do have all that new pretty yarn from the festival that is calling to me. I’ve just got to get through the next few weeks and then I will have some more free time to knit and cook and bake and sleep!


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