Spring Color

Color is everywhere right now.


We missed most of the tulips at the garden, but there were still one or two beds that hadn’t been beaten down by the rain. The azaleas were at their peak this weekend as well.


There was quite a bit of tree climbing involved at the garden. For boys, this turns out to be more fun than looking at flowers.


Me, I prefer staying on the ground and admiring the view from here.


At home, I find myself surrounded by color as well with this yarn from the Neighborhood Fiber Co.


Last Friday, I got to go visit the gals at the studio and it was great fun to see them in action. I love their vibrant colors and it was difficult to choose from such a huge collection!


The boys had a great time learning about the yarn dyeing process. It was a mini field trip for them and Karida and Kristen made us feel very welcome. Of course, I had to bring some more yarn home. I am looking forward to playing with this gradient group.


But first, I am really enjoying this vivid green color.


I have really come to love the slight variations in color that knitting with a hand dyed semi-solid color will give you. They add some color texture and a lot of interest without making your project look too busy. This is the studio sport yarn from NFC in the colorway Rock Creek Park. It’s the little sister to the yarn I used for my Brandied Cherry sweater a couple of months ago. So far, I am enjoying this yarn just as much. More details to come on this secret project later. Happy Monday!


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  1. Love your tulips! There are two in my garden right now, undiscovered (as yet) by the deer!
    Lucky to be able to visit the NFC studios – irresistible!

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