Deadline Required

For a few months, I lost the desire to knit socks or really anything that required double pointed needles. For some reason, I just could not get into the rhythm of using dp needles, even though I have been using them for years. They are great for small circumference things, such as socks and sleeves. But, after years of using them happily, I suddenly found myself dreading them. My hands seemed to find them awkward and I was having trouble using them without getting sore hands afterwards. Plus, I was unhappy because a couple of sleeves I had done with them had developed ladders between the stitches where needle changes occurred.

As a result, my sock knitting came to a standstill and I was only using dp needles if I had no other choice, such as the top of a hat. Last week, this all changed, though, when I realized I was less than a week away from my wedding anniversary with no gift in mind. The closest thing to a gift I had was one sock and a cuff of the second. I had four days to finish the second sock if I wanted it to be on time. Amazingly, once I set that deadline, they got done.


It turns out that maybe I had just lost the feel of the dp needles because I had been away from them for awhile. They just needed some concentrated time to remember how to manage them. My hands were a little tired when I was done, but no more than they would normally be after knitting around 10,000 stitches in four days. I guess I just needed a deadline to get myself going.


The pattern is Jazz Strings by Knitspot. I used the Breakfast Blend yarn from her Bare Naked Wools line. The yarn makes for some very fine socks. The husband was very pleased with them and so was I.


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  1. Nice socks! I love dpn’s but I’m doing a sleeve on 2 circs right now which is working out pretty well (esp. since I’m alternating and it was just too fiddly with dpn’s).
    Happy Anniversary!

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