Testing Shaken or Stirred

Remember this yarn?


Well, that has now been turned into this.


I had the privilege of test knitting this new sweater pattern from Baby Cocktails. It’s called Shaken or Stirred and it was great fun to knit. It’s got a lot of great details from the set in shoulders that are knit in as you go along, to the fun, but simple, color work.


The pattern is easy to customize. I used a different fair isle motif because I wanted something a bit more flowery for my forest green background color. I love how the pink just pops out from the green background. It makes me very happy.


The collar is also great. It’s a skinny shawl collar with a mix of garter stitch on the edges and a rib. It’s all done with short rows. I found the directions easy to follow and Thea always gives great directions on how and when you can alter things to fit your body because everyone is different, right?


This is a great sweater to knit if you have a lot of leftover bits of yarn that you want to use up for the color work. Very little of the contrast colors are used. Or, you could be like me and just buy new yarn and you will be left with almost enough leftovers to make another sweater. This stripey version is a good starting point.


I think this sweater is really classy. It looks great with any outfit, really, from jeans to shorts to skirts. I went in a non-neutral direction when I chose the colors. You will see that most of the other testers went the conservative route when they chose their background color, but I really just fell in love with this rich, vivid green from Neighborhood Fiber Co. Karida really has some great colors. I used the studio sport and it was wonderful to knit with; bouncy and soft, but with great twist.


My buttons came from Ram’s Horn Studio. I got them from MD sheep and Wool a few years ago and they were just right for this project.


This is the fourth Baby Cocktails sweater I have knit all year and definitely not my last. These sweaters just seem to knit themselves–really! They have just the right combination of ease and interest that just makes the project fly by. Also, did I mention that I love the name of this sweater? The husband and I watched several James Bond movies while I was knitting this sweater, which I highly recommend doing. It made the sweater even more fun to knit. Have I convinced you yet of the awesomeness of this sweater? What are you waiting for? Grab some yarn and needles, queue up the movies and start knitting!


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  1. smithwickstudios

    This is lovely! You certainly fly though the sweaters. I still have Dark & Stormy on my “to knit” list, but I have a few other projects in the ay first…

  2. Carie, this continues to be one of my favorite sweaters that you have knit. It looks wonderful on you. And you are FAST.

  3. Sandy Ballenger

    Beautiful! Love your color selections :). Makes me want to get going again on my knitting! Still working on Steve’s vest đŸ™‚

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