Vacation, Socks, and More

We’ve been on vacation. It was great to get away from home for a bit. Mostly, I did this.


While the boys did this.


It wasn’t long before I had this.

And this.

Lest you think all I did was knit on vacation, we also did a lot of this.

There was ice cream almost every day. But, I also ate this.


And this.


Now that we are back, we are enjoying a more relaxed summer pace of life. It’s given me a chance to update my etsy shop with lots of new stitch marker sets, including a unique design for a removable marker.


This design came about from frustration, mostly. All the removable markers I had ever tried either fell out easily or were fiddly to use or so heavy that they tended to distort the stitch it was marking. This is not a locking stitch marker, so it is possible that it could fall out. However, I have been using one on a shawl for the past few weeks. It’s lace weight and it has been dragged around and scrunched in a bag and shaken and it has clung faithfully to its stitch.


I have looked around a bit and have not seen anything like these being sold anywhere. The boys love the idea that no one else has these for sale. We are having a special offer in the shop for the rest of July. Any order of $20 or more will include 2 free removable spirals of our choice. We are excited about these and hope everyone will love them.


As you can see, we’re ready!

How is your summer going?


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  1. Those markers are gorgeous!

  2. Placed my order for the new stitch holders! Very creative, Carie! I love them!

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