A funny thing has happened to the picture taking habits of our household. The husband got a fancy new digital camera with lots of bells and whistles last year and I have recently acquired one of those fancy smartphones. Since then, we have sort of divided the picture taking duties. If he feels like an outing merits lugging around his huge camera kit, he takes all the pictures. I don’t bother to even get my phone out or bring my little point and shoot thing. However, in all other events, I take them and lately it has been just with my phone. This has caused quite a divide in my access to the pictures, since he does not transfer his photos as often as I do, I am sort of stuck with half the pictures I want to have when it is time to blog.

Hmmm…I guess that blog post about our apple picking day will just have to wait for another time. So, what do I have to share? Birthday pictures.

My younger son had a birthday lately which involved a trip to the Lego store, basically, a boy’s dream store. The wall of loose legos! What more could a nine year old boy ask for?


Even I found something to amuse me in the (what seemed like) hours we spent in the store. Lego sheep. Wool is everywhere.


More recently, the husband had a birthday. This celebration included one of his favorite things, sushi.


We love this place because if you order a whole fish, you get the sushi from it and then they make a soup or fry up the bones for an extra dish when you are done.


Happy boys. I love them.


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