Taking Stock

Today, I decided to get out all the knitting projects that I am actively working on and update them in my list of projects on Ravelry. There are a couple of things here that I have not even had the time to make a project page for, much less share them with you. I find that doing this every once in awhile helps me to prioritize them. For example, here are the two sweaters I promised to show you last week.

1. Rolling Rock


2. Tea Leaves


You’ll notice that both sweaters are sleeveless. This is quite a plight with top-down sweaters. Often, with a bottom up sweater, I will knit the sleeves first because, for some reason, I always get stuck on the sleeves if I save them for last. With a top-down style, though, I have no choice but leave the sleeves for last. Well, I guess that is not strictly true. I could put the body on hold after I divide for the sleeves and knit those first, but somehow, I never think to do that when en route.

Anyhow, while I had both of these projects out, I decided to finish the purple one first. Why? Well, first of all, the gauge is bigger, so the knitting will go faster and also because it is 20 some degrees outside today and this one will be warmer. The blue one has a lacey, cabley design on the back that is very interesting, but I suspect it will let in a little draft, so will not be as immediately practical. See?


Ok, good. Now that the sweaters were sorted, I went on to shawls.

1. Hediye


2. Autumn Oborine


What is that orange one, you ask? Well, this is one of those that I never made a project page for or even shared here. I began it way back in September when I was out of town. In fact, I got the yarn while I was away. It started as one of Susanna IC’s mystery shawl knit alongs, which I love to do. I have yet to be disappointed with her patterns and the mystery ones are great fun. However, I lost my momentum with this one once I got home and got back in touch with all my other works in progress. Now, here I am, just 4 rows away from being done. Trouble is, these are the longest rows and they involve beading, so I have to have a good hour of uninterrupted time per beading row (of which there are 2 more) in order to get this one finished. I don’t seem to have that kind of time these days.

On the other shawl front, I have finished the finicky border and have moved on to the garter panel in the center. This promises to be easy and fast. Which shawl will get finished first? Who knows. It will probably all depend on what kind of time I have.

Socks are next.

1. Deflect


2. Slipper Socks for the boys


There’s really no mystery here as to which of these will get done first. The slipper socks are intended for the boys as Christmas presents and are fairly quick and easy. I did almost half of a sock while sitting in a three hour meeting last week. They are easy and good knitting for all those bits of time one has when one is out and about. The only tricky part at the end will be sewing on the leather soles. One pair is done and now I have to knit the other pair. Here’s the yarn for that one.


At home, I am quite enjoying the deflect socks when I feel like working on them. The primo fingering has a bit of cashmere and the yarn is nicely spun, both of which make for a pleasant sock knitting experience. The pattern also has a nice balance of ease and interest. I did change the cuff from the original pattern a little; basically, I just did an inch or so of ribbing before I started cabling instead of cabling right away. It was just something I did on the spur of the moment because I thought it would be too fiddly to do a cable just after a cast on row.

Well, that’s it for now. It would be a little scary to look at all the projects I have started and not finished. My goal is to just concentrate on a few of these until a couple of them are done. It’s kinda hard. I really want to cast on a hat and some colorwork stuff, but there is too much going on right now. Can you believe next week is Thanksgiving? And we are just beginning to wrap up our cookie project! I think I have enough on my plate; piling on more would just be disastrous!

So, what are you working on lately?


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  1. Gosh, how the pathway to hell is paved with…well, you know. I’ve been meaning to do just what you describe for the longest time. Perhaps I’ll take a leaf from your book, as I often do 😉

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