Changing Over

Well, here we are in December! It seems like we were just eating turkey and pie. Oh, wait. We just had leftover turkey for lunch today! Ok, this is one of those years when Thanksgiving and Christmas seem so close together that there is barely time to get over your tryptophan induced naps before hanging up the Christmas lights. We had a nice long weekend basically doing nothing but cooking, eating, and shopping. Now, we have to switch gears and get ready for the next big thing, which, actually has nothing to do with Christmas, but I will tell you about that later.

Anyway, I did do some knitting as well and have some finished things to show you. It turns out that my sweater mojo has left me for the present and I was able to get both shawls done. First, Oborine.


Orange is not a color I normally gravitate towards, but this one really called to me. Maybe it was the name of the color, California Poppy. Maybe I was in need of a cheerful color to look at when I bought it. I don’t know, but I do love it.


The beads were a pain to add this time. The hook I was using kept splitting the yarn and the bead holes were not always big enough to pull the fingering weight yarn through. Basically, I think I will stop using beads on fingering weight shawls and just use them for lace weight. Or, I may have to try a new method for adding beads to a project. I do love how the beads add a little weight to the edges of a shawl, though.

I also finished my Hediye.


This one is knit in a dk weight yarn. It had some fun things in the pattern that kept it interesting. There was the curved edge that was knitted first with cables and short rows. I especially liked the center where you switch directions and make a mirrored cable. After that was done, the center of the shawl gets picked up and it’s super easy garter stitch until the end. It was a very satisfying project to knit, even if it turned out a tad on the small side for my taste.


Still, it will make a cozy warm gift for someone, not sure who yet, though. Speaking of gifts, the boys and I are done with our cookie fund raiser for the year. We are excited by the fact that even thought it was a scaled back version of what we did last year, we still raised over $1000 for Samaritan’s Purse. Thank you to all who participated and we hope you enjoy the cookies!


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  1. Beautiful shawls and well done on the money raising.

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