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Day 2: Toffee

Today’s treat is one of my favorite things. From Heath bars to Almond Roca to English Toffee, anything that combines crunchy caramelized sugar with nuts and chocolate is a favorite treat of mine. There are quite a few recipes out there and I considered many of them, but I went back to a tried and true favorite: the Chocolate-Almond Buttercrunch Toffee by David Lebovitz.


It’s easy and pretty quick. You throw everything in a pot and boil until it is 300 degrees. Watch carefully! I looked away for literally one second when the thermometer registered about 290 and when I looked back, it was almost 310! (p.s. read about my favorite candy thermometer here)


From there, you do a quick pour over some chopped almonds (wear really good mitts to hold the pot; it’s really hot!) and then toss on a bunch of chocolate chips.


After the chocolate melts and gets spread around, the rest of the chopped nuts and a sprinkling of salt is added.


It yields a recipe that is one sided in terms of chocolate, but that’s ok by me. I consider the toffee to be the star and the chocolate plays a supporting role. I made a double batch so that we could give some away as gifts and still feel like we had enough to keep for ourselves.

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