Day 2: Toffee

Today’s treat is one of my favorite things. From Heath bars to Almond Roca to English Toffee, anything that combines crunchy caramelized sugar with nuts and chocolate is a favorite treat of mine. There are quite a few recipes out there and I considered many of them, but I went back to a tried and true favorite: the Chocolate-Almond Buttercrunch Toffee by David Lebovitz.


It’s easy and pretty quick. You throw everything in a pot and boil until it is 300 degrees. Watch carefully! I looked away for literally one second when the thermometer registered about 290 and when I looked back, it was almost 310! (p.s. read about my favorite candy thermometer here)


From there, you do a quick pour over some chopped almonds (wear really good mitts to hold the pot; it’s really hot!) and then toss on a bunch of chocolate chips.


After the chocolate melts and gets spread around, the rest of the chopped nuts and a sprinkling of salt is added.


It yields a recipe that is one sided in terms of chocolate, but that’s ok by me. I consider the toffee to be the star and the chocolate plays a supporting role. I made a double batch so that we could give some away as gifts and still feel like we had enough to keep for ourselves.

Don’t forget to leave a comment today to be entered into the giveaway! Do you have a favorite DIY gift idea? Share it in the comments so we can all benefit!

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  1. I made this recipe last Christmas! Yum. Who can say NO to toffee? Not my family!

  2. Yum! What is better than sugar, nuts, and chocolate!

  3. Looks yummy!

  4. Yummy! Love it.

  5. I know that thermometer must be in my kitchen utensil drawer somewhere… I love knowing that the recipes you post have worked for you!

  6. I can eat this, right? Looks great!

  7. I’m so happy to know that there is a chance, a slim one, but still a chance to win!

  8. Toffee is one of my favorites! I haven’t made it, but I might have to try!

  9. YUM! I read the recipe. It says it will keep 10 days. No way would it last that long at my house. Even if I were home alone.

  10. I think I will try this on Saturday. You make it look easy enough for me to attempt.

  11. Toffee is delicious! Have you ever made the super quick saltine candy that is covered with a sugar-butter concoction, baked in the oven, and then has chocolate and nuts spread over top while still warm? Surprisingly yummy!

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