Day 5: Honeycomb

The boys and I are really enjoying this candy making project. Everyday is a new recipe or technique and it feels very much like a science experiment. The best part is that we can eat the results!

Today’s candy is something new for me. I have never had it or seen it in real life. The only places where I have seen this candy is on the internet. There were two recipes I was considering. The only difference between the two is that the first uses honey and the second uses maple syrup. The boys and I love maple syrup, so we decided to try that version.


There was not much liquid in the pan at first and I worried that the thermometer would not have enough to work with, but it bubbled up quite nicely after a few minutes.


The recipe was easy, but I ran across a couple of complications. First of all, once I added the baking soda, the mixture bubbled up quite a bit and came out of the pot all in one blob.


I tried to spread it out a bit.


But, I think I did it too much because it ended up looking a bit deflated (insert sad face here).


It is supposed to be more holey, I think.


I was willing to do it again. From start to finish it only took about 10 minutes and maybe 20 minutes to cool, so it is pretty quick. Also, I kind of wanted to try the honey version since that is the more traditional version. Unfortunately, it did not get great reviews once we started tasting. Like I said before, none of us had ever had this, so we have no point of reference. One or two of us thought it tasted burnt and I did not care for the pronounced baking soda flavor that accompanies it. It seems to better in small chunks and I have seen references to how delicious it is with chocolate, which we have not tried yet. However, because of the lukewarm reception it got from the tasters, I decided not to make it again. Maybe I will crush this one up and use it as an ice cream topping as well as my failed candied peanut attempt.

Anyway, tomorrow is another day! Leave a comment and, tell me, what is your favorite Christmas candy?


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  1. Sorry this one didn’t work. As you implied, everything tastes better w/ice cream!

  2. Almond bark sipped pretzels, mmmmmm

  3. Hmmm, I was just thinking about making some chocolate dipped honeycomb for Christmas coal….

  4. I hope most people realize that one reason your sons love to cook is the element of danger inherent in some of these techniques!

  5. this recipe intrigues me. I like the flavor of maple syrup. Sorry about the baking soda taste. It sure looks cool!

  6. My favorite Christmas candy…hmmm… I would have to go with my grandmother’s penuche fudge! Such memories…

  7. You never know until you try. Now you know! My favorite Christmas candy would have to be what we call Buckeyes. Peanut butter balls dipped in chocolate. Yummm!

  8. Love candy canes. Although chocolate with peppermint is always good.

  9. I’ve heard of this candy but have never made it. Not sure whether I’ve had it, either!

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