Day 6: Bourbon Balls

Today’s confection is half cookie and half candy. It’s pretty quick to make, though it does benefit from sitting for a day or two before eating to let all the flavors mingle together. This makes it easy to fit into the holiday schedule. Also there is no cooking involved, aside from melting chocolate, so could be made by anyone, even kids, though a responsible adult may want to handle the bourbon, ha. Many recipes for Bourbon Balls call for store bought cookies, but I had a whole bunch of leftover cookies from another event, so I decided to use those instead.


It was quick work to grind them all up in the food processor.


These get stirred into some melted chocolate along with a hefty dose of bourbon and a few other things.


The resulting mixture is a little odd, sorta gooey and wet at the same time.


One of my boys helped me with the sugar rolling process. Some recipes called for rolling these in nuts, but we thought that the sugar would be more festive and sparkly.


I put them in the fridge to firm up and get all settled. Right after we made them, the bourbon flavor was quite pronounced, but that mellows out after a few hours.


They are pretty good! I used this recipe except I substituted 13.5 ounces of cranberry chocolate chip cookies that I had sitting around. Cold, they have a fudgey consistency and at room temperature, they melt in your mouth a bit more. Next time, I will try rolling them in chopped nuts since the sugar made them a bit gritty. I love the little bit of bourbon because at this time of year when things are getting busy and stressful, a little bourbon helps!


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  1. I make chocolate rum balls at Christmas. Easy and delicious, but very potent!!

  2. I almost missed making my submission today for the drawing. I’m excited!

  3. These look yummy, quick, and simple. Just what is needed this time of year!

  4. Yum! Sounds wonderful!

  5. You are right, a bit of bourbon definitely helps this time of year! Cheers to getting your bourbon via candy! Perfection.

  6. Amen, sister, preach it!

  7. I haven’t had bourbon balls for many years. Yours looks lovely, I like the look of the sugar.

  8. I used to make bourbon balls. I’m not sure why, I really didn’t love them! I’m sure yours are much more delicious!!

  9. (Oh no… I’m sorry, but I remember my mom making these and I was always so disappointed – I thought they were icky. Good thing my dad liked them!)

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