Daily Archives: December 15, 2014

Day 7: Taffy

When I was a girl, I really wanted to join the girl scouts. I was invited by a friend to go to one meeting and I remember it as being a most chaotic and fun time. It was fall. We were in a cabin and the activity was taffy pulling. Perhaps this is where the beginnings of my interest in making my own candy began. I don’t know, but since then, I have always, always wanted to make taffy.


I envisioned the process as super fun and not too hard. The beginnings were easy. Like many candies, all you need is a good pot and an accurate thermometer. This particular recipe used molasses.


Once it reaches the magic temp, you stir in some baking soda, and then pour it out onto a greased pan and begin folding it to cool it down. A marble board would be fantastic for this, but I don’t have one.


When it stiffens a bit and is cool enough to handle, this is when you start pulling. And here is where we stopped taking pictures. It’s awfully hard to pull taffy and take pictures at the same time. Everyone was involved, so we all had slippery buttery hands. We may have started pulling too early because it was really hard to manage. Gravity was definitely working against us! I wanted nice, even strands, but in the end, this is what we got.


Ah, well, it was still fun and we’ll do better next time.


The candy is fabulous, though. If you like molasses, you will like this candy. Even if the pieces aren’t too pretty, wrapped up, no one will notice and once it is in one’s mouth, hopefully no one will care!


We are more than half way through our 12 days of Christmas treats. Don’t forget to leave a comment every day to be entered in the drawing!