Gauge Issues

There has been some knitting going on amidst all the other things we’ve been doing.  It’s all just progressing a bit slower than I am used to and there have been a few setbacks, which is discouraging when the net progress is so slow to begin with.  Last time I talked about knitting I think I mentioned that I ran out of yarn on a shawl project and had to get creative with the bind off.  This next shawl, I saw what was happening with the yarn and was able to compensate by binding off four rows early.

Six rows to go and I am running out of yarn.  How can this be happening again? #knittersofinstagram #thiswasntsupposedtohappen #knitting #atleastihaveenoughbeads

Still.  It seems unfair that this has happened to me two times in a row even though with this shawl, I purposely chose a skein that supposedly had about fifty yards of buffer.  Other people seem to not have this problem, so it must be me.  I must be knitting shawls really loosely.  And yet, inexplicably, I tried to knit the second sock of a pair that got started last year and had to rip it out because it was too small.  And look at this recent gauge calamity:

Even my big head cannot support a hat that is 25 inches in circumference.  Clearly, I am having some gauge issues and I think I know how to solve them: knit more.  It’s a well known phenomenon that the more one does something, the more consistent the results.  All of the upheaval in the last two months has thrown me off knittingwise.  Now that most of the unpacking is done, I hope to get more knitting time in.  Stay tuned.  I have some big plans.  But of course, you know what they say about the best laid plans…


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  1. Sending you some knitting mojo!

  2. I’m casting on a new sweater today after completing a thorough gauge swatch (knitted, measured, washed, dried, and measured again). I suspect that my gauge has changed drastically over the several years, so I’m back to measure, measure, measure.

    But mainly I want to be with you when you wear that hat!

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