Chunky and Fast

It turns out that the key to solving knitting mojo issues is not just knitting more, but also knitting with chunkier yarn.

Don’t get me wrong, tiny yarn is great.  There is nothing like the feeling of pulling on a pair of handknitted socks with all its 16,000 plus glorious stitches.  I once timed myself while I was knitting a sock and determined that it took me an average of 40 hours to churn out a pair of socks.  At the time, I was knitting socks for the husband, whose feet are bigger than mine.  Still, that’s a lot of hours of knitting for what you end up with.  But, we knitters know that the point of knitting does not rest on the number of finished projects that we turn out.

However, with my recent tension issues and track record of finished items, I decided to abandon ship.  I needed something quick, satisfying, and, most of all, cozy.  And so I learned that a good way to get your knitting juices flowing is to ditch the tiny yarn, pick up some bulky yarn and a size 11 set of needles and start knitting.  Armed with the wonderful Suloinen pattern from the wonderful Knitworthy2 collection, three balls of the reasonably priced Patons Bulky, and two and a half days later, you too could have a project done and something you can wear to keep the chill off your neck and shoulders.


It was so fast it almost seemed to knit itself.  In the time it took me to catch up on the Homefires episodes and watch the final of the Great British Baking Show (I was totally surprised at who won that one), I had a finished gigantic cowl that is worthy of the task of standing up to the oncoming New England winter, not to mention able to almost fully engulf the torso of a ten year old boy.


After finishing that bulky wonder, I picked up a languishing dk project and that felt positively liliputian in comparison.  I always believed that my hands would not be able to handle knitting with bulky yarn without pain, but it turns out that I must have been under some anti bulky delusion.  They didn’t hurt any more that knitting with small yarn and, in fact, may have hurt less.


Poor guy.  This is what happens when mom is a knitter.  He is a good sport and works well if you give him cookies!

Anyway, it hasn’t yet been an entire 24 hours since finishing and I am already dreaming of other bulky projects.  The first to come to mind is the famous Owls, of course.  After feeling how warm the cowl is, I can imagine that Owls will feel like sitting in a nice warm oven.  Once I get my hands on another Michael’s coupon and enough free time to make the trek to the nearest one, I’ll be casting on another bulky wonder.  Maybe.  I have been known to change my mind.


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