Daily Archives: November 17, 2015

Sheepy Goodness

Ten days ago, the husband surprised me by taking us to this.

We had all been feeling a bit sad and homesick the week before and he thought an outing might cheer us all up.  Or at least distract us with cute animals.

Blurriness aside, this was easily the tiniest sheep I have ever seen.  It is hard to tell because I do not have anything in the photo for scale, but this little cutie is only about eighteen inches high.  The whole festival is indoors, which is great because November weather is a bit chilly for outdoor activities (not that that ever stops the people who organize kids’ soccer events).  However, the dim lighting does not make for great photos.

We knitters often get super excited about the big Sheepy events, such as Rhinebeck or MD Sheep and Wool, and they are fantastic, albeit quite overwhelming.  Small events like this New England Fiber Festival are really great as well.  For starters, shoppers can actually get into the booths to shop and shop at their leisure.  You can also chat with people and get to know your vendors better.  We met a new to me lady who makes these great baskets.

I was in need of a bread basket.  Aren’t you?

We also enjoyed probably one of the most informative and entertaining sheep shearing demonstrations we have ever seen in our 10+ years of sheep and wool festivals.  If you love sheep, like a good workout, and want to travel to all the good sheepy places (such as Scotland and Australia), sheep shearing might be a good job for you.

Don’t feel bad for the lady sheep.  She was properly treated and felt much better after her trim.

The great thing about these local festivals is that they are manageable.  We were there for three or four hours and managed to see everything without rushing.  I even learned a way of ending a scarf on a loom that was better than the ‘just tie the ends together’ method that I had been using.

So, if you have a local fiber festival near you, I encourage you to go.  It will be worth it, and not just because of the yarn and fiber.  You’ll most likely be supporting your neighbors as well.